Your camper’s Cedar Springs Camp experience is customized by you, based on the variety of camp, care, and transportation options that you select when building their registration. Specific details about the camps that your camper is signed up for will be emailed out in the days leading up to each week of camp. Those details will contain information on daily agendas and field trip destinations that may apply to your camper’s week, and specific things to bring to camp, such as a towel or hiking shoes.

For those who are not spending the night, there are some common camp schedule elements that all campers share however. Those elements are outlined here. Overnight campers have an entirely different experience, and that is communicated in email ahead of camp.

7:00 AM - Extended care is available at Bothell and at Lake Stevens. Our office opens for questions via phone and email, our our staff are ready to spend an awesome day at camp with your camper. Over the next two hours, the various bus routes that are available to bring campers to camp begin to operate. If you have signed up for one of those bus routes, look out for details on when and where to catch the bus in your email box.

8:30 AM - General check-in at the Bothell and Lake Stevens locations opens. Feel free to come to camp a couple of minutes early to avoid the lines that tend to form just prior to the 9 AM start of camps. General check-in opens at 8 AM on Mondays. Consider coming a little earlier as the lines are a little slower moving on Mondays as campers receive their wristbands for the week.

9:00 AM - Camp Starts. All campers come together for a general session and game time where campers participate in group activities, silly competitions and fun events.

12:00 PM - Campers who are only staying for the morning half of the day are ready for pickup. Campers in morning half-day camps who are staying for an afternoon half-day camp join other campers for a lunch break and some time to play on the playgrounds and eat their sack lunches. Campers who are enrolled in full-day camps are also taking a lunch break around this time.

12:30 PM - Check-in opens for campers who are joining us only for afternoon half-day camps.

1:00 PM - Afternoon half-day camps kick off for the day with a group gathering of games and activities before setting off to experience each camp’s specific activities for the day.

4:00 PM - All camps finish and campers are ready for pickup from Lake Stevens and Bothell. If campers are taking a bus, those buses begin transporting campers to their pickup locations.

5:00 PM - Campers busing from Lake Stevens to Bothell arrive in Bothell and are ready for pickup.

6:00 PM - Afternoon extended care closes. We’ll see everyone again in the morning!

More Questions?

As always, if you have questions, you can call us at 425-334-6215, email us at, or connect with us online at